My name is Ana Veronica.

I am a life coach helping my clients understand who they are, how they feel and why they feel the way they do. I help them release their emotions, lower their stress levels and alleviate the overwhelm caused by overthinking and low self-esteem. I help gain confidence and self-acceptance. My clients, especially stressed, and highly sensitive people can deal with everyday situations with the tools and techniques that I share and teach them from my own experience.

I used to be very stressed and overwhelmed, often overthinking random situations. Noticing and analysing the tiniest body language, repeating the same scenarios in my head as I could have done something better. Or simply feeling not good enough and constantly blaming myself of something. Feeling worried, guilty and emotionally exhausted.

In the past, I was easily distracted by sounds, overflowing thoughts, and other people’s body language. I was able to sense and feel what others were feeling, easily becoming emotionally involved in someone else’s situation to the point where I didn’t think about how I felt and would forget my own needs.

The problem I solved.

Over 5 years ago I went through counselling therapy and started my own self-development journey. I can honestly say it had changed my life completely. It changed the way I think and feel about myself and others. It helped me reduce my levels of stress and the overwhelm and overthinking.

I was able to understand and accept myself and I’ve learned how to release emotions and live better happier life.

Kind regards,


My coaching style is transformative. I am convinced you have all the answers within you. The goal is to shift your perspective and expand your capacity to reach higher levels of success. Whatever your definition of success entails. Get unstuck and start growing again.

I’m here to guide you as a thinking partner. I am not your therapist or mentor. I will never tell you what to do, but I do expect you to put in the time and energy necessary to get the transformation you are looking for.

I listen, I use humour, I ask lots and lots of questions and I can be confrontational when needed, but always in a respectful manner. The goal is to enjoy the process, even though it might not always be fun. The outcome will surprise you!


I recommend working with Ana to everyone who wants to improve their self confidence and self love. Very experienced coach with effective tools. Thank you Ana!
Ania Macherzyńska
Amazing women inside and out. I love Veronica’s patience, confidence and ability to see the best in others. She always speaks from her heart and knows exactly what people need when they are going through challenging situations in life, business, motherhood etc. I highly recommend her!
Michelle Shipp

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