My name is Ana Veronica.

I am a life coach helping my clients understand who they are, how they feel and why they feel the way they do. I help them release their emotions, lower their stress levels and alleviate the overwhelm caused by overthinking and low self-esteem. I help gain confidence and self-acceptance. My clients, especially stressed, and highly sensitive people can deal with everyday situations with the tools and techniques that I share and teach them from my own experience.

I used to be very stressed and overwhelmed, often overthinking random situations. Noticing and analysing the tiniest body language, repeating the same scenarios in my head as I could have done something better. Or simply feeling not good enough and constantly blaming myself of something. Feeling worried, guilty and emotionally exhausted.

In the past, I was easily distracted by sounds, overflowing thoughts, and other people’s body language. I was able to sense and feel what others were feeling, easily becoming emotionally involved in someone else’s situation to the point where I didn’t think about how I felt and would forget my own needs.

We are here to Help You overcome Stress, Low Self-worth and Everyday Challenges