From Chaos

To Calm


Supporting you to deal with your everyday Choas and bring you Inner Calmness. 

I created the Chaotic to Calm program for stressed individuals and people with high sensitivity (HSP) who might not be aware of the condition, like I wasn’t not that long ago when I began working on my inner self. This program is aimed at sensitive people who are easily getting overwhelmed by overthinking, stress and all stimuli in their environment.

First, I will help you understand yourself and connect with yourself.

Then I will help you to let go and forgive others and yourself so that you can free your mind and learn how to not get attached to situations and comments in everyday life.

You’ll be able to recognise when you need to take a break and why it is important to do so. I will support this process with tools and techniques that will keep you motivated

by learning how to control and ease the overwhelm caused by overthinking and repeating the same situation in your mind, you will be able to pause, reset, and take control of your life and emotions. Thanks to how you react in everyday situations, you will be able to accept whatever is thrown at you during the day, and even if you change your reaction, you will be able to get out of that feeling much faster.

It will spread to every area of your life as you learn to control what you are feeling and how to calm down in situations where you feel overwhelmed (caused by overthinking or a random event during the day) and to stop responding and being over stimulated by everything around you, from any stimulation from the environment. You’ll be able to calm the chaos and focus on one thing at a time.


5 Easy to follow guided steps to learn in your own time and at your own pace along with the Ana.

Calmness. Clarity. Confidence.

1.Understand Yourself

2.Get to know your Strengths

3.Forgive Yourself

4.Understand Your Inner Child

5.Taking a Break

Mutiple Bonuses

Having delt with being a HSP all my life and having overcome the challenges and issues myself now I have a private coaching business and an executive leader in this field of HPS in this fast-changing and fast-paced environments are very familiar to me.

I have not been professionally trained or hold a medical degree but
I know first-hand how dealing with this can be challenging every day and become overwhelming at the same time.

At the beginning of my journey, it was my curiosity and eagerness to absorb all information that drove me to find a way to deal with my daily challenges. I had been using all the information from the local services, but the information was not sustainable for long term results. I was still feeling stuck. This consequently impacted my results, my calmness and overall happiness. But after using the steps in this program it led to me having a normal and happier life. 


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We are here to Help You overcome Stress, Low Self-worth and Everyday Challenges